The Library

Welcome to the library, where I have links to all the free Descentverse content.

Some of these are books that you can download on the various ebook sites: Amazon, iBooks, et al. Others are short stories exclusive to my website! And whenever I serialize a book as I write it, you’ll find links to that in here too.

If you are looking for a full printable list of my books, check out my ticky list here. It’s a PDF. It prints very nicely. It should help you track down all of my gazillion books!

Otherwise… Go ahead and make a circle of salt for protection, knock back a couple fingers of whiskey, and chill out. It’s time to fight your demons with me.

Free Stories

The Descent Prequels: Three short stories with Elise and James that predate The Descent Series. (Do not read these stories until you’ve finished Descent.)

Free Books