The Angel and the Aardvark

Not a real book. But this one is.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I know, you’re surprised to hear that The Angel and the Were-Aardvark isn’t actually my next book.

Although, let’s be honest, it DOES sound awesome. And hot.

But much more Awesome and Hot is the fact that I DO have a new book coming out next month (for sure this time!).

Rise of Heroes, the third and final Shatter Cage novel, is going to be out at the end of April to bring us into a beautiful new season of the Descentverse. It concludes the story of our beloved Cage (who is, as always, an Alpha were-phoenix) and his friends, including the Vexes, Brigid, and every demon around Phaethon Bay.

You can preorder my actual next book here.

Happy reading!