What’s up with all these books and series? How do they fit together?

Most of the books and series I have written as SM Reine exist within the same universe. The characters will often appear in multiple series.

Think of it like the DC or Marvel universes. Superman will occasionally show up in Batman’s comic book, but that series still mostly about Batman. Superman has his own series with his own enemies.

I call this big universe the “Descentverse,” since The Descent Series is most readers’ introduction to my body of work. It includes The Descent Series, The Ascension Series, Seasons of the Moon, The Cain Chronicles, Tarot Witches, Preternatural Affairs, War of the Alphas, and The Mage Craft Series.

There are some minor exceptions: When I cowrite with Heather Hildenbrand or my husband Edwin Reine, those are completely different universes.

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