Can my daughter/students read your books?

Some of them. Please supervise your children if you intend to have them read any of my books, as many of them do exist in the same universe, and most of my books are inappropriate for young readers.

Seasons of the Moon is appropriate for readers aged 13+.

The Cain Chronicles is probably appropriate for readers 15+.

Bitterroot, cowritten with Heather Hildenbrand, is appropriate for readers aged 13+.

The rest of my series are intended for adults.

Tarot Witches in particular is an 18+ ONLY series. It has explicit sex with fetish elements. It’s intended to titillate. This is awesome for adults, but not so much for kids.

The reason that I started out in YA and moved into adult works is that I discovered the VAST majority of my readers were adults after publishing Seasons of the Moon. There aren’t (or at least, there weren’t) a lot of young people with Kindles when I started publishing. My core readers hungered for story themes that weren’t appropriate for teenaged readers. I stopped writing with young people in mind.

As time goes on, there are many more young readers who are using e-reading devices, so they’re likelier to stumble on my books. Again, Seasons of the Moon, The Cain Chronicles (through Darkmoon), and Bitterroot are fine for teenage readers, but the others are not. Supervise your kids please.