Can I get some content warnings?

Please note: I have attempted to be comprehensive with content warnings for each of my series, but it’s easy to forget/overlook troubling material with this many books. If you are at risk of being triggered and prefer to have more information about your specific sensitivities, it’s easiest to ask me about it on Twitter. I will respond as soon as possible (and add information to this page as necessary). All of my books are pretty wild, so please be careful. I only ever want to entertain!

I also accept suggestions for improving the accessibility of my books, website, etc on my Twitter.

Seasons of the Moon: Readers 13+. Violence. Dark themes. Parental death. Divorce. No sex is seen on the page, but it is lightly referenced, and there is one scene that is fade-to-black. No four letter words/profanity. There is mild drug use by people who are not main characters (cannabis). There is an HFN (“happy for now,” which is the less exciting younger brother of Happily Ever After).

The Cain Chronicles: Readers 15+. Violence. Dark themes. Familial death. There is a love triangle explored in some dramatic detail, though there is still no sex on the page until Of Wings and Wolves (but it is not terribly explicit). Again, profanity is kept to a minimum. There are HEAs (“happily ever afters”), but possibly not with the characters you want.

The Descent Series and The Ascension Series: Readers 17+. Themes that may be considered blasphemous. Alcoholism. Romanticized cigarette smoking. References to illegal drug use. Strong violence. Explicit, though infrequent, sex scenes that are intended to serve a plot purpose, not for reader titillation. Profanity. Multiple character deaths, including children via unrealistic circumstances (killed by demon). Death on an apocalyptic scale. These series are entirely about killing God (yes, the Christian God), so many readers with strong religious beliefs may find this series offensive. The heroine is an intersex character who (very) infrequently faces slurs related to it. There is an HEA, but you have to be patient for it!

Preternatural Affairs: Readers 17+. Frequent profanity. Violence, frequently seen through a procedural lens (think police TV shows). Sexual content. Too many guns. Glorification of oppressive state entities. So much non-monogamy. This series depicts a slow-burn polyamorous romance, concluding with an HEA.

The Tarot Witches: Readers 18+. Frequent, explicit sex, involving fetishes, intended for both plot and reader titillation purposes. Some of this sex may be considered unusually offensive because of its use of blood play or because it involves shapeshifting werewolves. Thorough non-monogamy. There is profanity, but that’s the least of your worries. Dark themes and violence. Basically you should probably put on body armor and have the brain-bleach ready before reading these books. I have no filter while writing them. (They’re fun, I swear!) All the books have HEAs.

War of the Alphas: Readers 17+. Some profanity. Strong violence. Infrequent sex solely for plot purposes, not for titillation. Strong drug themes, including the main character taking drugs, though these drugs are fictional without real life parallels. Abuse against women. Possible domestic violence triggers. Main character deaths. No HEA.

The Mage Craft Series: Readers 15+. Some profanity. Some disturbing imagery and violence. Only one mild sex scene on the page. Unusual sexual behaviors are discussed at length. Underage alcohol usage. Abuse against women. Domestic violence triggers. This series has a romance unfolding throughout the books, which resolves with an HEA.

Dana McIntyre Must Die: Readers 17+. Extreme violence. Graphic content. Some sex, though it’s all for plot. These books are LGBT-heavy, and you shouldn’t read them if that’s an issue for you. (You probably shouldn’t read any of my books if that’s an issue, actually.) Major character death. Kidnapping, murder, and human trafficking. The series ends with an HEA.

A Fistful of Daggers: Readers 17+. Profanity, violence, occasional sex for plot purposes, substance usage. Sexual abuse and child abuse is discussed at length (though the abuse is typically not shown). Religious themes some readers may find blasphemous. Abortion-related content. Frequent slurs related to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other marginalized statuses, although it’s depicted with narrative disapproval. These books are like therapy, and they unpack a lot of toxic attitudes/environments that may be emotionally difficult or triggering for victims of bigotry or abuse.