Cover Reveal: Bitter Thirst

bitter thirstComing 2016: Bitter Thirst, Preternatural Affairs #8


I’ve been debating with myself about how long I want to keep telling Cèsar Hawke’s story. Unlike with Elise or Deirdre, I don’t have a single story in mind for him that I tell across several books; with Cèsar, his books are case files that offer glimpses into the universe from the perspective of the Office of Preternatural Affairs. I could keep writing such case files into infinity if I wanted to. I have so many other story ideas, though – I know I need to end things with Cèsar at some point.

That said, I had to reread The Descent Series and Preternatural Affairs in order to prepare to write the next Cèsar book (Once Darkness Falls, PA #7). When I did, I realized there were still cases of Cèsar’s that we absolutely needed to see return – particularly ones that were seeded throughout Silver Bullet and Darkmoon.

The plot for Bitter Thirst emerged from my mind fully formed, much like Athena. It’ll be a bit of a leap forward in the timeline after Once Darkness Falls, which takes place during the events of Dire Blood.

I don’t know if it will be the last Cèsar book. It’s the last one I have planned…for the moment. I have a feeling that Cèsar will continue demanding to be written for several more books, even if I only write one or two a year. (I need to make time for The Mage Craft Series, after all…)

I’m looking forward to this book and I hope you are too!