Coming Soon: Cast in Angelfire and Cast in Hellfire

Cast in Angelfire 4bRelease dates have been selected for the first two books in The Mage Craft Series.

Book one, Cast in Angelfire, will be available on March 13th.

Book two, Cast in Hellfire, will be available on April 3rd.

These books are starring Marion Garin and Seth Wilder. You’ll probably recognize Marion most readily because she’s Elise’s half-sister: daughter of Ariane, a witch, and Metaraon, the angel who served as the Voice of God when Adam still wandered the garden. She’s incredibly powerful and neck-deep in preternatural politics. That means she’s got a bullseye painted on her back.

Ordinarily, Marion would be up for handling that kind of danger…but someone’s taken her memories away, and she’s suddenly about as useful as a piglet wearing rain boots.

All she knows is that Seth Wilder can help her. You probably recognize Seth, too. He’s Rylie’s ex-fiancee, brother to the current werewolf Alpha mate. He used to hunt werewolves. He might have died a little bit at some point. But the guy’s hard to keep down, and he came back. Unfortunately, nobody knows where he is at the beginning of Cast in Angelfire, which puts a weensy bit of a cramp in Marion’s whole “get my memories back, save the world” plan.

You shouldn’t need to read any of my other books to enjoy this series, but as usual, you’ll get the most out of it if you’re caught up on the whole universe. Especially because I freely spoil my other books. 🙂 This takes place five years after War of the Alphas, for instance.

You can read an (unedited) excerpt from Cast in Angelfire on the book page right now.

Happy reading!