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Abel Wilder began life as the older son of a werewolf-hunting family. He was always troubled, but he seemed to snap when he survived a werewolf attack – and was cursed with lycanthropy. He defeated it with the help of his younger brother, Seth, and restored his humanity, though his body never healed the extensive scarring that remained after the mauling. But once he fell in love with a young werewolf girl, he began a spiral that turned him away from hunting, and eventually he embraced his animal side. He allowed his mate to bite him, and Abel became Alpha mate of the last werewolf pack in the United States.

He fathered seven biological children with his mate and fostered or adopted many more after Genesis. He retired as Alpha after his mate died, becoming the Elder Wolf of the pack instead. He lived a largely peaceful life surrounded by his children and great-grandchildren in his retirement, and to everyone’s surprise, died of natural causes in his sleep.

Noteworthy Relations

  • Seth Wilder (his younger brother)
  • Cain (his older brother)
  • Lucian Wilder (parent)
  • Eleanor Wilder (parent)
  • Rylie Gresham (mate)
  • Summer Gresham (daughter)
  • Abram Wilder (son)
  • Benjamin Wilder (son)

Core Story: Suggested Reading Order

  1. Seasons of the Moon
  2. The Cain Chronicles
  3. The Ascension Series

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