Introducing the Library

There is magic in a library. Many of my earliest memories involve getting lost in the stacks, seeking out books on vampires, aliens, and witchcraft to read in hidden corners where my parents couldn’t catch me. A library is a haven for knowledge. It’s where you exchange pieces of your heart for stories that others tell.

Most people who read my books start out reading them for free – very much like discovering a book at a library.

I’ve added a new page on my website that conveniently links these “free reads.”The Second Coming Click on the cover to head over to the library and get acquainted with the titles available. Find a book of mine to borrow, read to your dark heart’s content, and try not to get caught in the stacks. I’ll be waiting for you.

(SM Reine)

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The Mage Craft Series is complete now

This has been coming for a long time. Long before the moment that Marion woke up in the Ransom Falls emergency room, before she became Queen of the Sidhe…before she met Seth Wilder. She planned for everything except him.

And now it’s time for the end of the world. Again.

Cast in Godfire has been published, and that bring the Mage Craft series to the end of its five-book epic journey through Sheol, the faerie courts, and small-town Washington. You can now read the complete story! Click below to find each book. 🙂

Read the entire Tarot Witches series

summer court webSummer Court is out and the series is complete!

Meet the kings and queens of the Middle Worlds before they became faeries. Witness lots of awkwardly hot sex acts between groups of sweaty werewolves. Shout in horror at people getting plugged in the face with shotgun shells. Wonder how drunk SM Reine was while writing a series with THIS much sexual content. (Hint: There’s no wine left in Napa Valley.)

You can read all four sexy-hot action-packed books in which motorcycles get used inappropriately RIGHT NOW, with no cliffhangers, but tons of plot threads tied up and big universe stuff explained. You might even see a familiar former boy-god somewhere in there.

Read the newest one, available only on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited –

Cover Reveal: Bitter Thirst

bitter thirstComing 2016: Bitter Thirst, Preternatural Affairs #8


I’ve been debating with myself about how long I want to keep telling Cèsar Hawke’s story. Unlike with Elise or Deirdre, I don’t have a single story in mind for him that I tell across several books; with Cèsar, his books are case files that offer glimpses into the universe from the perspective of the Office of Preternatural Affairs. I could keep writing such case files into infinity if I wanted to. I have so many other story ideas, though – I know I need to end things with Cèsar at some point.

That said, I had to reread The Descent Series and Preternatural Affairs in order to prepare to write the next Cèsar book (Once Darkness Falls, PA #7). When I did, I realized there were still cases of Cèsar’s that we absolutely needed to see return – particularly ones that were seeded throughout Silver Bullet and Darkmoon.

The plot for Bitter Thirst emerged from my mind fully formed, much like Athena. It’ll be a bit of a leap forward in the timeline after Once Darkness Falls, which takes place during the events of Dire Blood.

I don’t know if it will be the last Cèsar book. It’s the last one I have planned…for the moment. I have a feeling that Cèsar will continue demanding to be written for several more books, even if I only write one or two a year. (I need to make time for The Mage Craft Series, after all…)

I’m looking forward to this book and I hope you are too!


Available Now: Winter Court

Winter CourtCEO Pierce Hardwick is testing a cure for lycanthropy.

Jaycee Frost, witch and executive assistant, wants to help. But she can’t risk getting too close to her irresistible boss.

Too bad destiny has other plans for both of them.

Winter Court is available now. Find it on your favorite vendor here.