Cast in Angelfire

Cast in AngelfireAs a half-angel, half-human mage, Marion Garin is the most powerful witch in the world. She’s been embroiled in preternatural politics since childhood and navigates the factions with ease.

Or so she’s been told.

Unfortunately, she’s lost her memory. And now Marion doesn’t know much of anything. Casting magic? Forget about it. It’s not an accident, either. Someone powerful wanted to take Marion out of preternatural politics, and they succeeded.

She’s told that a man named Seth Wilder could help, but she’ll have to find him first. He’s been missing for years. Marion needs to track Seth down and fix her memory before her unknown enemy finishes the job…

Cast in AngelfireĀ (the first book in a new urban fantasy series) will be out by Summer 2016. Maybe sooner, depending on how ambitious I’m feeling. šŸ™‚ Sign up for my mailing list to get a notification once it comes out!