The Psychic Cat Mysteries Collection

The multiverse's greatest detective uses a litterbox.


A collection of the first five novelettes in The Psychic Cat Mysteries series. All five stories amount to the length of a full-length novel.


Mr. Poe was born under a patio--a humble beginning for a kitten who would gain psychic powers through the Ring of Bau, and ultimately become the finest detective Haven has ever seen. He lives in a retirement community for immortals, solving murders, finding what's gone missing, and never missing a nap.

  1. The Cat of Amontillado
  2. The Tell Tale Cat
  3. Masque of the Red Cat
  4. Fall of the House of Cat
  5. The Cat and the Pendulum

This is a series of novelettes, each around 12-15,000 words. These cozy stories are perfect to read while curled up with a hot coffee on a chill autumn morning.