A Bloody Love Story

Please note: Monsters was not part of the Descentverse. It is also out of print and no longer available.

Julieta’s never been quite right. She likes the company of corpses. She studied vampires in college. She dreams of darkness and cold metal and blood. She thinks that becoming engaged to Michael—beautiful, warm, godlike Michael—might be her salvation. But then he vanishes, and she buys a gun to take his place.

Alec is nothing like Michael. He assassinates vampires, and he shows Julieta how to be the perfect monster. It’s not love, but killing vampires together is almost better. When Julieta is taken by a coven of vampires, Alec is the only one who can save her, and what they face leaves them only one question: Who is the better monster?

MONSTERS: A BLOODY LOVE STORY is a 70-page paranormal thriller novella filled with action, a not-quite-romance, and gun-toting vampires.

Publisher: Red Iris Books

Monsters was an old, old novella that I wrote as a teenager and decided to publish as SM Reine in an usual fit of ambition. I only kept it online for a couple months - when I reread it later, I realized it didn't meet my quality standards, and I removed it.

I really like this story and hope to one day expand it into a full length novel, which will also not suck as badly as this novella did. 😉 Sorry, I don't plan to make this version of Monsters available ever again.