Available now: Cast in Hellfire

Hey guys! I’m thrilled to announce that my new book is out. Cast in Hellfire was a blast to write, so I hope you guys have as much fun reading it 🙂

Links are below, scroll down! \/\/\/\/\/

As a more general update: I’ve got a finished (HUGE) outline for Cast in Faefire and I’ve started writing it. The outline itself is a whopping 10,000 words, and the book will probably end up about 80,000 words, so it actually shouldn’t take too long to write now that I know everything that happens in the story. It’ll be out in early July at the latest.

Happy reading!

book2Marion Garin is the teenage daughter of Metaraon, the former Voice of God. Now she’s also the steward of the Winter Court, which has been in anarchy since a revolution five years earlier.

Problem: Marion still doesn’t remember anything that happened before two weeks ago.

Seth Wilder has a lead on her memories. Whoever stole them and sold Marion’s essence to a demon lord in Sheol. Marion wants to help steal them back, even though that means abandoning the Winter Court to war. And Seth can’t seem to tell Marion no…

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