Sorry. 🙂

Cult of Fear isn’t a real book, just like the last five years of cute-animal-themed April Fool’s jokes I’ve done. Wouldn’t it be fun to read about Cèsar with a rival kitten detective? I should seriously start writing books about cute animals one of these days… I’d probably have just as much fun as I do with my stabby books!

ANYWAY. I do have a couple of real books for you!

First of all, my friends and I have gotten together to offer another discounted boxed set. I know some of you really love getting these, and this collection of books is especially good! Of course, Cursed by Magic includes books by my favorite ladies: fellow NYT-bestselling authors Deanna Chase, Selene Charles, Dannika Dark, Kate Danley, and yours truly.

I’ve put Cast in Angelfire into this collection, which means you’re getting one of my newest books for less than 99c!

You can find this collection on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo. 🙂

Secondly, Bitter Thirst is coming out in two days. Two days! Not even joking. You’ll be able to download and read it on April 3rd. There are, sadly, no kittens named Mr. Fluffybutt in this book, but Suzy’s Cat makes an appearance or two.

Preorder links: iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. (no Amazon preorder, sorry. I made the Amazon gods angry and they took away my ability to do preorders. oops. It will be on Amazon on April 3rd though!)

Cèsar Hawke works for the Office of Preternatural Affairs, and until now, his detective work has been a secret to the nation. But a Senator has been publicly assassinated in Washington DC…by a demon. Now America knows that the preternatural are real. Everyone knows it’s real.

The doomsday clock is ticking. A change is coming. And if Cèsar doesn’t stop the Apple cult from sating their bitter thirst for power, then all Americans will end up fodder to feed hungry angels.

Preorder it now so you can start reading the book the instant it’s available!