The Library

Welcome to the library, where I have links to all the free Descentverse content.

Some of these are books that you can download on the various ebook sites: Amazon, iBooks, et al. Others are short stories exclusive to my website! And whenever I serialize a book as I write it, you’ll find links to that in here too.

If you are looking for a full printable list of my books, check out my ticky list here. It’s a PDF. It prints very nicely. It should help you track down all of my gazillion books!

Otherwise… Go ahead and make a circle of salt for protection, knock back a couple fingers of whiskey, and chill out. It’s time to fight your demons with me.

Free Stories

The Second Coming: A novel I’m serializing on the website. More details in the link. (Do not read The Second Coming unless you’re prepared to be spoiled on all my books to date.) Click here for the chapter list.

The Descent Prequels: Three short stories with Elise and James that predate The Descent Series. (Do not read these stories until you’ve finished Descent.)

Free Books