The Second Coming

Almost every day, I get an email from readers asking me if Elise and James's story will continue.

The answer is yes. It's continuing right now. (UPDATE: THIS BOOK IS NOW FINISHED)

Please note: I published The Second Coming as I wrote it in rough draft form. It has MANY typos, redundancies, continuity errors, etc. All the normal junk you'd expect to see in a rough draft. Sometime in the next few months, I will edit this book so that it sucks less. Then I'll publish it on Amazon, iBooks, and all the other usual places. You'll be able to read this sloppy hot mess of a rough draft for free on my website until then. If you wait to read the book until it's polished, I totally understand. 🙂

Note: In case it isn't obvious, this novel has spoilers for every single book I've published up to this point, especially Ascension and Descent. Read at your own risk.

Happy reading. 🙂