Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy birthday, Six Moon Summer!

Six Moon Summer was released last year on April 29th, which means I'm just about at my first anniversary of publishing. I've done a lot since then! I've published a bafillion books, started my own little publishing imprint, organized anthologies, and wreaked general mayhem with my Army of Evil.

It's been an awesome year. But I don't have to tell you that. Just take a look:

And of course I have The Darkest Gate coming out shortly, but it's going to just barely miss my anniversary. It'll be in next year's recap. ;)

I've evolved a lot since Six Moon Summer came out. My writing has matured, my approach to publishing has matured, and I've matured as a person. And heck, so has the book!

Remember when it looked like this?
It has almost fifty reviews on Amazon (hoooly cow). Rylie's misadventures at summer camp with her hunky werewolf-hunting boyfriend have been read by thousands of people. The series will be finished at the end of July (maybe August, don't hold me to that) with four whole books. Wow.

It's funny to think that a year (and one month) ago, I wasn't anywhere near doing anything like this. I never could have fathomed where I would be going, or that I would be writing full time a year later. And I attribute my motivation completely to this guy:

The Helpful Baby (who is now a Helpful Toddler and not nearly so bald) means I have a lot less free time, but I appreciate it much more.

It drives me crazy to think that I used to write maybe one book a year, which were not of a quality even approaching what I produce now, when I had soooo much time. I could sleep when I wanted, play on the computer when I wanted, and go for lazy walks when I wanted. Now, I sleep when HE wants to sleep, play on the computer when he doesn't want me to play with his blocks, and take hurried walks with the toddler strapped to my back to help him fall asleep.

But it's so much better, too. I treasure my time alone, because I want to get back to spending time with him. I have to prioritize to do the things I love, and I don't waste time anymore.

Of course, I wouldn't be here without all you guys, too. I've gotten to know a lot of amazing people in this last year. I definitely rank many of the people I've come to known among my friends, which I don't say lightly. (I'm a grumpy gus.)

Here's to another year of publishing, and an oodillion more books to come!

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